1v1 OPEN TOURNEY Detail and Entry Form

Asian Online Pong season 2

Date : Every Saturday starting from June 6th, 2020
Time :
5PM – Tokyo Time /
4PM – Manila, Kuala Lumpur & HK Time /
3PM – Jakarta Time
10AM – Germany Time
1AM – Pacific Standard Time
Sign in : 60 minutes before GAME TIME
Location : Zoom (Meeting ID: 997 633 0393)
Entry Fee : 10 USD / Game
Total Game : 10 (ten)
Participant : Open Tourney
Equipment :
1. 8-ft Standard Pong Table (L: 240 cm; W: 60 cm (min) ; H: 70 cm)
2. Official BPONG Cups and Racks
3. 40mm Pong Balls
4. Laptop/PC/Tab/Mobile Phone with Zoom Capabilities
5. Stable Internet Access

Tournament Structure :
1v1 (Game Week 1 to 9)
– Random Drawing
– 2 bracket Double Elimination, Final are best 2 of3
1v1 (Game Week 10)
– Ranking Seed Bracket
– Seeded 2 bracket Double Elimination, Final are best 2 of3

Player with highest season point at the end of season will win the Competition
Point System:
Season Point (Game 1 to 9): Participation +3 points; 1st +3 points; 2nd +2 points; 3rd +1 points;
Season Point (Game 10): Participation +6 points; 1st +6 points; 2nd +4 points; 3rd +2 points;

Rules : Base on new WSOBP Rules,
several special online game rule for reduce trouble.
1. No Bouncing
2. No Traveling Ball
3. The Player mentioned first on game schedule will start the game first with 1 shot
4. Pull out the cup every time you made the shots before continue to the next shot
5. Show the ball after you made a cup to the camera
6. Shout “Miss” or “In” for every shots you made
7. Report your win and cup difference using Facebook or whatsapp group
8. Organizer decision is final and cannot be contested
Camera and Microphone Setup :
1. Place your camera higher than your pong table
2. Opponent shall able to see the full table, the whole cups and the person who are shooting
3. Player have to wait the opponent ready to see your video before start throwing the ball to prevent any dispute
4. Player who are playing shall TURN ON their camera and microphone
5. Player who are NOT playing shall TURN OFF their camera and microphone
6. Shared connection is only allowed up to 2 players

Unsportmanship Act :
Zero Tolerance. Please ensure both party agree on camera setup before playing the game. Any unsportmanship act will be resulting in future tournament banned.